Brand new products for the over 50s

A round-up of products that will make you feel better and more confident

iWhite Instant 2

iWhite Instant 2 is a teeth whitening product that restores the natural whiteness of your smile and actually rebuilds enamel to strengthen teeth. From the makers of iWhite Instant, iWhite Instant 2 paves the way in restorative teeth whitening treatments with its superior MOHA technology which integrates perfectly with natural tooth enamel to effectively ‘fill-in’ the imperfections – The perfect product for those 50+ whose enamel naturally starts to become thinner with age

iWhite Instant 2 (£34.95) is available in Boots stores Nationwide

SASS Products

The menopause or “change of life“ as it’s commonly referred to is the end of menstruation. In the lead-up to the menopause (perimenopause), oestrogen levels decrease, causing the ovaries to stop producing an egg (ovulation).

This can lead to emotional and uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, recurrent Thrush and vaginal dryness. As well as making some dietary and lifestyle changes, medication can be given to ease symptoms.

Now an innovative company ‘SASS’ have developed a range of groundbreaking products to maintain intimate harmony throughout peri and post menopause and ease symptoms such as vaginal dryness and prevent Thrush/BV.

SASS Intimate pH Balance Serum (30ml £12)
A serum to soothe, calm, and rebalance irritated skin; the first intimate probiotic to actively help prevent infections like thrush and BV and will help treat the symptoms of an existing infection.

SASS Intimate Dryness Gel (30ml £12)
The only vaginal dryness relief gel that can be applied manually to provide instant and long-lasting relief and hydration. Many products exist but women choose not to buy them either because of their clinical and unattractive looking names and packaging or because they are too embarrassed to buy them, so they resort to sex lubes instead, which are easier to use but ineffective at solving the problem as they quickly dry out the skin and become sticky.

SASS is available from Boots stores Nationwide

The Breath Company Oral Health Products

Senior people may have to take a lot of medication, a side effect of which is dry mouth and bad breath.

Medications which dry out the mouth as a side effect create an anaerobic condition where nasty Sulphur-producing bacteria thrive. Typical drugs that can cause halitosis with prolonged use include anti-depressants (Prozac), cold and flu medication (Sudafed), and anti-histamines (Benadryl, Claritin).

Dr Katz comments: “Many people are unaware that the medications that they’ve been taking for years have actually contributed to their bad breath and taste disorders. It all boils down to the unfortunate side-effects of many medications which include dry mouth and alteration in taste perception.

Lots of people try to get rid of the problem with strong alcohol-based mouthwashes, or ‘fresh breath sweets’ loaded with sugar, however this is very common mistake people make; while some mouthwashes or oral rinses are effective at preventing bad breath, you should never use alcohol based mouthwashes because the alcohol makes the mouth very dry, which will actually cause bad breath or make your existing bad breath worse.

Originally created by Dentist and Bacteriologist Dr Katz to help his teenage daughter conquer her severe and chronic bad breath, The Breath Company oral health care system has been refined to be the most complete oral care system available, and is clinically proven to be effective at controlling the sulphur-producing bacteria that can cause embarrassing bad breath, including bad breath from medications.

The Breath Company works instantly and lasts up to 12 hours. The Breath Company products work on all types of bad breath and dry mouth (Xerostomia) and contains no harsh ingredients including alcohol, detergents, artificial flavours, colours, animal products, or gluten.

Toothpaste – Mild Mint (£8.99), Oral Rinse – Icy Mint and Mild Mint (£12.99), Lozenges – Mandarin Mint (£8.99), available in Boots stores nationwide and online at