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Cuticura, celebrates its 150th birthday with the launch of two new hand-hygiene and skincare ranges

NEW Sensitive range featuring Cuticura’a most gentle formulation

Cuticura, has launched a NEW Sensitive range, utilising their 150 years of expertise to develop its most gentle protection formula to date.

With an estimated 52% of the UK population suffering from sensitive skini, which can cause a range of painful and irritating symptoms, finding products which are truly kind to use, while still being effective, can be a frustrating challenge.

Many products claim to offer a sensitive proposition but still contain well-known allergens such as alcohol, fragrance or colouring. The new and innovative Cuticura Sensitive range is both alcohol and fragrance free and has been dermatologically tested and clinically proven to be kind on even the most sensitive of skins without compromising on efficacy.

The new range, which includes Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Gel, Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes and Anti Bacterial Hand Foamer, not only kills 99.9% of bacteria but is packed with soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile to keep hands cared for and protected, without irritating skin. The Sensitive range is suitable for use on the whole family and ideal for those with skin sensitivity or a preference for alcohol-free products.

Consultant Dermatologist, Justine Hextall, comments: “Sensitive skin can get very dry and become easily red, sore and irritated when washing with harsh soaps or cleansers that have a perfume or alcohol content. When it comes to hand hygiene, it is important for those with sensitive hands to look for products which are alcohol and fragrance free. The Cuticura Sensitive range can help to prevent irritating symptoms that can affect people with sensitive skin, while still leaving you feeling protected from harmful bacteria.

  • Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Gel – Some sensitive skin sufferers can find alcohol-based anti bacterial hand gels a little irritating for their skin type. With proven skin kindness, Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Gel is perfect to combat this, providing the same level of hard-working protection without any irritation. This compact gel is ideal for keeping in your handbag, desk-side drawer or overnight bag. Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Gel, £1.49 for 50ml
  • Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes – Alternatively try the new Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the convenient and easy disposable wipes are perfect to use on your hands when you’re out and about or even on household surfaces. The wipes are suitable for the most sensitive skin types and are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, keeping hands protected when you need it most. Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes, £1.29 for 12 wipes
  • Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Foamer 50ml – Finally, the new Anti Bacterial Hand Foamer completes the Sensitive range. The Foamer provides the same protection against 99.9% of bacteria and is convenient to use, releasing a measured dosage each time so even easier for children to use. Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Foamer contains skin kind ingredients including Aloe Vera and Chamomile so is ideal for frequent use without leaving your hands feeling dry or irritated. Cuticura Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Foamer, £1.49 for 50ml

The NEW Cuticura Sensitive range is available to purchase from Sainsbury’s, Boots, Tesco and leading pharmacies nationwide.

TOTAL hand hygiene innovation for the toughest protection and complete peace of mind

Cuticura is also launching its latest new TOTAL Advanced Defence Hand Gel innovation.

Cuticura’s TOTAL Advanced Defence provides its most powerful protection against a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, which could be potentially harmful to health. Offering Cuticura’s most advanced defence and peace of mind, TOTAL is the latest innovation in the Cuticura range and is scientifically proven to kill both viruses and 99.99% of bacteria fast.

The unique anti viral and anti bacterial hand gel formulation helps to provide extra protection when you need it most. An everyday staple, Cuticura’s TOTAL Advanced Defence has been clinically tested to kill more bacteria and viruses than its standard gel, making it Cuticura’s most effective and powerful hand gel yet.

Dr Lisa Ackerley comments, “Harmful viruses and bacteria surround our everyday lives and can be spread easily through your hands, particularly after using the toilet, handling raw meat or travelling on public transport. With shocking research that one in five people don’t wash their hands after using the toileti, it’s worrying to see how far germs can be unknowingly transferred to other surfaces via the hands, for example to otherwise clean kitchen worktops, office desks, keyboards and phones. Although it is impossible to remain completely germ-free at all times, there are times when hand cleanliness is critical, and there are ways to ensure you can protect yourself, even when on the go. Washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds is recommended and in addition, using hand gels with anti viral and anti bacterial properties like TOTAL Advanced Defence can provide extra protection against many germs which spread quickly especially in busy places such as in the work place and on public transport where you can’t get to a wash basin.

Dermatologically tested and approved, the new TOTAL Advanced Defence Hand Gel leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, without drying out your skin or compromising on protection levels.

NEW Cuticura TOTAL Advance Defence Hand Gel 50ml, is available from Boots, Sainsbury’s and leading pharmacies nationwide priced at £1.49