Top 3 Beers that match perfectly with Hot Cross Buns

Ciaran Giblin, Brewer and Head of Innovation at Meantime Brewing recommends beers to match with Easter Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns with Meantime Cinnamon Porter

Cinnamon hot cross buns are a classic Easter indulgence, this year give it a modern twist by pairing your tasty bun with a refreshing bottle of Meantime’s Cinnamon Porter. The fragrant warmth and aroma of the cinnamon perfectly complements the rich, dark malt flavours of the Porter.

Hot Cross Buns with Thornbridge Jaipur

The caramel sweetness of this delicious ale gives way to a big, spicy, payoff that works well together with a classic hot cross bun. The soft, doughy bun highlights the fiery tones of the beer providing a spicy version of the Easter classic.

Hot Cross Buns with Freedom Pilsner

The Freedom Pilsner has both style and substance, its sweet yet burly barley undertones result in a crisp and refreshing brew with a lavish aftertaste. The depth in taste contrasts well with the fragrant, fluffiness of a piping hot cross bun and should be cracked open as soon as the toaster pops!

If you fancy trying out one of our suggestions head down to the Meantime Tasting Rooms in Greenwich where they will be serving the Cinnamon Porter paired with hot cross buns at their very own Meantime restaurant.