Have an organic Easter this year with Green & Black’s

Deliciously different chocolate eggs and the new Green & Black’s Organic THIN bar

Green and Black's Organic Chocolate Easter Eggs

Green & Black’s Organic THIN bar

The taste experts at Green & Black’s Organic have been busy experimenting in the kitchen for over two years to perfect a brand new range; Green & Black’s Organic THIN. They have applied their insatiable love of chocolate to an exciting new format, a first for them in 23 years, which brings both innovative flavours and a brand new, thinner bar, changing how you enjoy your favourite chocolate.

From the satisfying snap as you break into the bar, to the smooth texture of each square as it melts in your mouth as the rich and intense chocolate flavour hits your taste buds, the new Green & Black’s Organic THIN offers a unique way to enjoy chocolate. What’s more the new portion size is ideal for the perfect treat whether you’re tucked up on the sofa or enjoying a night in with friends.

The new range is made from only the best organic Trinitario cocoa beans and Fairtrade ingredients and boasts four delicious flavours. Green & Black’s THIN Mint Crisp offers creamy milk chocolate with crispy pieces lightly infused with refreshing peppermint whilst the Green & Black’s THIN Salted Caramel contains golden crunchy caramel pieces with flakes of Anglesey sea salt, enveloped in smooth milk chocolate. For those who like to keep their chocolate simple, we are also launching two of our favourite flavours in the new THIN bar, Green & Black’s Organic THIN Dark 70% Chocolate and Green & Black’s Organic THIN Milk 37% Chocolate.

Green & Black’s THIN is available nationwide with an RRP of £2.29. With 16 different assorted bars in the Green & Black’s Organic range, each packed full of personality and flavour you will certainly find your perfect pairing.

For further information visit www.greenandblacks.co.uk

Green & Black’s Organic Easter Eggs

It’s also that time of the year for Easter eggs and the Green and Black’s range is as interesting and innovative as ever this year. Here is a round-up of what’s on offer

Tasting Collection Egg
This is the one for people with sophisticated tastes. The thick shelled chocolate egg is complemented by an assortment of 24 chocolate bars. It’s the perfect gift for the discerning foodie in your life. RRP £17.99

Large Egg Collection
Treat milk chocolate lovers to the Chocolate Large Egg, this thick shelled egg comes alongside a Butterscotch and Sea Slat bar. For lovers of dark chocolate the Dark Egg is accompanied by the unique flavours of Ginger and Burnt Toffee bars. RRP £10.99

Medium Egg Collection
Green and Black’s has a flavour for all chocolate lovers. For those who love the dark side of chocolate the classic Dark 70% is the perfect gift or if you prefer the lighter side then the Chocolate Milk Egg is for you. Should you prefer an extremely moreish taste experience then explore the Butterscotch Egg which contains crunchy butterscotch pieces within the shell. Finally if you would like to end Easter with a mint sensation give in to the classic Mint Dark Chocolate Egg infused with peppermint oil. RRP £6.59

All of these eggs are available nationwide and you can buy online at