UK’s Biggest International Pétanque Festival in London

At The France Show in aid of The Mercury Phoenix Trust

The Londonaise, today launches the biggest International Pétanque Festival in the UK. The festival weekend is set to take place in London, Islington at Barnard Park over the 5,6 and 7 June this summer.

The Londonaise Pétanque festival will set a new precedent in the UK with 128 teams taking part in the main tournament and will put the event on the sporting map, to achieve the recognition and respect in the UK and internationally as an annual Pétanque festival.

The festival also aims to raise funds for its associated charity ‘The Mercury Phoenix Trust’ which was set up in memory of Freddie Mercury and is responsible for raising awareness and funding charities globally in the worldwide fight against AIDS.

“The overall aim of the festival weekend is to encourage everybody to come and have a go and take part in some fun boules throwing, young or old, singles or families it is an all-inclusive sport, which is gradually gaining popularity up and down the country, so it’s a very exciting time to start getting involved.” commented co-founder of The Londonaise, Thierry Tomasin

Freddie for a Day is very excited to have been invited to host a day at the Pétanque Londonaise, now in its third year, to raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust fighting AIDS worldwide. Joining forces with Londonaise and Angelus Restaurant, this is assuredly going to become the annual hot must have ticket, its fun and loony and we are delighted to be part of this very French initiative.” commented Claudia Walker, Mercury Phoenix Trust, Founder

Friday 5 June – Celebrity VIP Tournament (Invite only) – Sponsorship
  • A celebrity VIP Pétanque game on the afternoon of Friday 5 June, which will involve the media and celebrities playing against each other in aid of ‘The Mercury Phoenix Trust’. The players will be asked to dress for fun as “French Freddies” and this will be followed by a glamorous evening at Angelus restaurant for guests in support of ‘The Mercury Phoenix Trust’.
Saturday 6 June – Pétanque Open Day
  • On the afternoon of Saturday 6 June a free Mêlée Doubles competition (2 players per team) will take place. This fun competition is aimed at players of all levels from beginner to expert.
  • Key highlights and attractions will be, Pétanque matches between the following players:
  • Local London Schools – British vs. French Schools
Sunday 7 June – Main Pétanque Tournament – £5,000 Prize Fund
  • The main Pétanque tournament will be played on Sunday 7 June with an anticipated number of 128 triplet teams.
  • We will have 3 World Champion Pétanque players who will be coming to play in the tournament and will interact with all players over the weekend.
  • The Londonaise International Pétanque tournament will be something that everyone can be very proud of. It’s a celebration of people from all over the world coming together to play boules and enjoy a weekend of ‘Entente Cordiale’ in the true spirit of helping each other and enjoying each other’s company, over this special tournament.” Added co-founder of The Londonaise, Thierry Tomasin
The Londonaise International Festival of Pétanque

The overall aim of the event is to raise awareness of the Pétanque game here in the UK and to bring people together of all abilities and levels for an annual weekend Festival of Pétanque. We are also aiming to involve children and local schools to introduce them and their families to the game of Pétanque to get them involved and keep them involved for future years. The tournament will have some exciting fun moments as well as artisanal food markets, entertainment and kids activities throughout the day in Barnard Park in London, N1 0ER.

The Mercury Phoenix Trust

The Mercury Phoenix Trust was set up in 1992 in memory of Freddie Mercury and is responsible for raising awareness and funding charities globally in the worldwide fight against AIDS. Freddie For A Day is a fundraising initiative of the Mercury Phoenix Trust which encourages friends and fans around the world to spend the day dressed as Freddie Mercury, to raise money for the Trust as well as awareness of HIV/AIDS.