Positive Psychologist Miriam Akhtar puts the focus on happiness for 2015

The more small pockets of happiness or moments of joy we experience daily, the more our well-being begins to increase.

Everyday products we use to enhance our daily lives can not only ease day-to-day activities, they can also raise our sense of wellbeing. From the coffee machine we switch on first thing in the morning to our favourite designed mug – and the light we switch off last thing at night. When everyday items are designed and function well it seems they affect our mood by creating small moments of joy.

Miriam says: “There are many moments of positivity available to us everyday, it’s just that we don’t necessarily notice them. This is because positive emotions are fleeting and not as noticeable or enduring as negative emotions. The brain has a negativity bias – we’re wired to notice what’s wrong before we notice what’s right.

Examples of moments of everyday positivity could be anything – a friendly chat with a neighbour, a stunning sunrise, a joke that makes you laugh, a tasty meal, picking up a child from school, a brisk walk, a cup of tea & sit down in the middle of a busy day, a great piece of music, digging the allotment, phoning a friend, singing in the shower, finding a parking space, an act of kindness. The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are full of moments of positivity and a further clue – Connect, Learn, Be Active, Notice, Give.”

Miriam is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of Positive Psychology and a bestselling author – she also contributed to The World Book of Happiness which was sent to 200 world leaders by the President of the EU.

ŠKODA has been working with Miriam in line with the launch of their new third-generation Fabia – which just last week won the ‘What Car? Car of the Year 2015’ Award. The all new ŠKODA Fabia has been designed to include 19 ‘Simply Clever’ features with the principal aim of making life easier and less stressful.