Tassimo Vivy – Beautiful Hot Drinks at the Touch of a Button

Peter Morrell reviews this stylish machine which is easy to use and produces remarkably good results

I have recently been trying a hot drink maker from Tassimo called Vivy and with time being one of life’s most precious commodities it’s great to find a kitchen device that is quick and easy to use and produces a quality result.

The Vivy is a stylish machine with a small footprint, so it won’t take up a lot of place on your worktop. The system is based on inserting a ‘T Disc’ filled with ingredients into the machine, pressing the button and within seconds delivering the drink of your choice, brewed to perfection.

The discs, which are not just coffee, are all bar coded, this tells the machine’s ‘Intellibrew’ system what drink is being made how much water to deliver and how hot to make it.

There is a huge range of discs to choose from and Tassimo has teamed up with many major brands to bring you your favourite drinks. The coffees on offer features well know names like Kenco, Costa and Carte Noire and depending on your taste, you can choose high roast expresso or more mellow options..

Tea drinks are very well catered for with a range of possibilities made by Twinings, from traditional English breakfast to Early Grey, or how about an exotic Chai Latte Lemongrass? There is also a range of drinks that the kids will enjoy like Cadbury’s hot chocolate and Oreo cookies in a cup.

Set up and operation is simple. When you unpack the machine, slot the drip tray into place, fill the water reservoir. Then insert a special bar coded disc that will flush the system with hot water before your first brew, ensuring that it is sterile and you are ready to make your first brew. Insert a disc, press down the lid, press the button and your drink is ready in seconds.

Some drinks like the hot chocolate, lattes and cappuccinos are a two step process, first the drink is brewed and then the milk is frothed. After each operation you will see a small amount of steam coming from the delivery spout. This is to ensure that the flavour of one drink does not affect the next.

The drinks brewed are delicious, I particularly liked the Costa Americano to get me under way in the morning and relaxing Kenco medium during an afternoon break.

There are a range of machines to chose from in six different colours, so there is bound to be one to match the scheme in your kitchen. They are made by Bosch so you can be confident that they are well made and reliable. Prices range from about £100 to about £140 but there are deals from both the Tassimo online shop and electrical retailers.

The discs are available from supermarkets and online from Tassimo, sample prices are Costa Americano, £4.49 for 16 and Twinings English Breakfast £3.99 for 16.

You can also buy a number of neat accessories like a disc stacking tower, stencils for making patterns on cappuccinos and branded latte glasses.

This is a great machine, it produces drinks for optimal pleasure, is quick and simple to use and is unobtrusive in your kitchen. It is also very eco friendly, as it only heats the exact amount of water needed for each brew. This would make an excellent gift for people with busy lives.

To buy a machine, discs or accessories and to find out more go to www.tassimo.co.uk. When you register your machine you get two £10 discount vouchers to spend online with Tassimo