Brighten up your teeth

Chris Hurley tries the latest home whitening treatment from Pearl Drops

As one gets older, it’s not just hair that changes colour. My teeth seem to have darkened a shade or two and my sparkling white smile is now definitely history.

I would love to have a gleaming smile but when when I asked my dentist to brighten my teeth he warned me that they would become very sensitive, it could be quite painful, tea and red wine would be banned and I would have to wear some sort of oral contraption when going to bed. Plus, did I mention it was expensive?

So I leapt at the chance to try a far more convenient option when the first specialist home teeth whitening system came to market – Pearl Drops new Pure White 3 Step Whitening Treatment. ‘

Designed to be used over a 10-day course of treatment, the results of consumer trials are impressive. In a trial of 100 women (aged 25-45) 100 per cent achieved teeth that were 5 shades whiter and said their teeth were instantly one shade whiter after the very first application.

Pearl Drops Pure White is easy to use – there are no trays to mold, strips to fix or capsules to break. You simply apply after brushing with your usual toothpaste. The first step is to apply the brush-on Brightener Serum to the front and top of teeth and leave for 30 seconds. Next step is to apply the Activator Serum and leave for 30 seconds to remove deep stains, then rinse teeth in cold water and wait for 20 minutes. Finally you brush for 2 minutes with a pea-sized amount of Pure White Tooth Polish using the supplied Pearl Drops toothbrush to remove surface stains, then rinse.

The treatment is easy enough to fit in with the daily tooth hygiene routine but would it work? I definitely noticed an instant improvement in whiteness. But 10 days on I can’t say that I have a gleaming white set of Hollywood gnashers. But while not in the league of professionally bleached teeth, mine do look brighter and have lost their yellowish tinge.

To be fair, it would be very optimistic to expect the same results as bleaching at a cost of £24.99. That said, this a bit pricey to use as a regular toothpaste so I am hoping the results will last a while. To maintain results between treatments daily use of Pearl Drops 4D Tooth Polish is recommended. I am impressed enough to give it a go.

Pearl Drops Pure White is available exclusively from Boots and RRP £24.99. Age 14+, not suitable during pregnancy.
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