Are you brave enough to be wild?

Diesel Only the Brave Wild Eau de Toilette – A unique masculine fragrance where Classic Urban meets untamed nature is now available from The Fragrance Shop.

Historically Fougère fragrances are at the core of the Classic Urban masculine perfume world. Following DIESEL’s disruptive fragrance philosophy featuring Citrus and Coumarin they introduce the new, unconventional Citronella Essence with Coconut

AMG has been testing this latest innovation from DIESEL. Sweet coconut notes are tempered with citrus, an underpinning bouquet of lavender and, of course, fern-like Fougère tones. If you want your partner to feel and smell their best this Christmas this could be the solution.

Packaged in the form of a clenched fist OTB Wild has totally shaken up this Classic Urban family creating the first Jungle Fougère.

RRP: £35.50 for 35ml

Available from The Fragrance Shop