Holland and Barrett – For Health and Beauty

Innovative products for the over 50s

Peter Morrell goes to a product showcase of this leading health store and finds new products for mind, body and spirit.

People of all ages need a little help when it comes to health and well-being and as they get older that help may extend to keeping joints supple, having restful sleep and dealing with the occasional laughter line.

I recently went along to see what Holland and Barrett has on offer to help us look and feel younger. They have got a whole range new products, here are some things that you may be of interest.

First up was Bioglan’s Osteokrill, a mix of Red Krill Oil, Glucosamine and a blend of vitamins and minerals. This is designed to aid good joint and bone health and promote the growth of connective tissue. Joining Osteokrill this autumn is Calamari Gold from Australia. This helps with a number of body functions including concentration, memory and cognitive development as well as maintaining eye health and controlling blood pressure. If your concern is just high blood pressure then a course of beetroot extract tablets may help.

Another new product is hydrolysed egg membrane. This is ideal for those with achy joints and helps by increasing flexibility. For those with high pressure lives the new Passion Flower stress relief tablets may be just the thing, this all natural remedy is an excellent antidote to the pressures of a hectic modern day life.

There are also a large number of exciting new products to help you look good. There was one of my wife’s favourites, Dr Organic Snail Gel for better looking skin and I have been trialling the pure Marula Facial oil. Made from an African fruit, not only will it make skin softer it has been doing wonders for my rosacea..

I spoke to the Glasgow based people from Beauty Kitchen. They have got some innovative products in store which will make excellent and thoughtful Christmas presents like kits to make your own bath bombs and lip balms.

Food wise there a large selection from Linwoods with many variants of milled seeds which can be sprinkled on cereals and salads. There was a clever display of domes to let you sniff various green teas and Higher Living are doing a very tasty organic green tea with coconut, just one of their range.

This autumn larger stores will also see the introduction of a pick and mix counter for dried fruits and nuts, so if you want to sample a few chilli cashews along with your honey roasted peanuts just put them in your bag and pay at the checkout.

In all a great range of new products which will help make you look and feel better this autumn

For more information on the stores and their entire product range go to www.hollandandbarrett.com