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Peter Morrell gives the background to this magazine and his trip to the Niagara Peninsula

In the autumn of 2013 I paid a visit to this beautiful part of Canada. The big attraction is, of course, the Falls but the surrounding area has a host of other attractions – culinary, cultural and historic

The Niagara Falls are spectacular and you can see it from land, from behind, from a boat and from the air by helicopter.

The drive from the Falls to the town of Niagara on the Lake is heart-stoppingly beautiful and lined with vineyards and orchards. One of the most famous wineries in the area is Inniskillin who make the luscious, sweet, ice wine.

The road follows the course of the Niagara River, the natural border between Canada and the USA. It was along this river that the battles were fought by the British to keep Canada independent from the United States.

The town of Niagara has a chocolate box main street lined with shops, boutiques and art galleries. Every year the town is host to the Shaw Festival, a tribute to our own George Bernard.

This magazine is a collection of links to the tourism offices, the places I visited and the photographs I took. I wrote two articles, one for our own website, AboutMyGeneration and one for the over 50s travel website, Silver Travel Advisor, the links to both are in the magazine.

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