Different ways to expand your home business

Small business owners should always be thinking about and planning for the eventuality of expanding their home business, as it is often a necessity for long-term growth and survival. The potential to expand for a modern home-based business owner is no longer a limitation, as the rise of the Internet and networking has made it easier for them to spread their wings without ever having to increase their real estate or enter a commercial area. There are a variety of ways that a home business can expand and a number of factors to consider when undertaking each one.

Marketing methods

Focusing on digital marketing and SEO is a great way to expand your business horizons by attracting new clients. New marketing methods can broaden your brand reach and allow you to engage with your target audience. Many small businesses are now outsourcing their marketing requirements to an expert agency. This is cost-effective and will give you access to the knowledge of consultants that know what they are doing. They will also manage and monitor your methods allowing you to concentrate on other expansion plans.


Digital marketing is a gateway to social networking. Setting up a Facebook or Twitter page will enable you to communicate with the customers that matter to your business. Building relationships in this way will push people along in the buying cycle and increase your sales potential. The only factor to consider here is your budget and whether you want a specialist agency to take care of everything. These agencies could also design a new, professional website for you, which is another great way to expand your business horizons.

Product diversification

Diversifying the product or service range you offer is an ideal expansion plan if you believe it will maximize sales revenue. You may find it best to focus on a product or service that is required in your already established market. Providing customers with a wider selection is beneficial and it may make what you offer more appealing to retailers as you develop a line of products and services. Another strategy is attempting to conquer a niche market, though this may involve more research and development costs. Trade shows are another great promotion and sales tool for SMEs targeting long-term growth.

Adapting to growth

Expansions obviously cost money so you must be sure that any plans are financially viable and do not affect your bottom-line. You are also likely to need extra staff so you may want to consider taking on a talented temporary worker such as a contractor or outsourcing payroll requirements to an umbrella company. Hiring a contractor will enable you to outsource specific tasks and reduce your daily workload as you attempt to make your expansion dreams a reality. These talented and experienced individuals are also flexible and more-cost effective than employing permanent employees as you will save on employer liability insurance, media costs and payroll taxes. If you are worried about the extra routine daily tasks involved with expansion, then you may also want to hire a virtual assistant.