Eat on the Street

The Street Food Journal. An A-Z. Illustrated by Sophia Augusta

Before becoming a writer I ran an IT company and was fortunate enough to travel to many places in the world. The main representative of my favourite client and I shared a common interest, trying all the local delicacies in whatever city we were working, particularly food from street carts.

So after a hard day toiling over a computer screen we would hang up our suits and company credit cards, don jeans and t shirt and hit the streets for some culinary adventures. From satays being cooked on half an oil drum in Kuala Lumpur to filled tapioca pancakes in Rio de Janiero, the food was always tasty, filling and cheap and got us closer to the real life of the people.

Over the years I have seen the street food scene explode in North America and Europe. In places like Vancouver it has become very organised and ultra popular, you can’t visit the city without trying a JAPADOG for example. So the scope to enjoy and experience ‘Eats on the Street’ has grown immensely.

I have had so many excellent street food experiences over the years that it would have been good to keep a record of what, where and when my taste buds had been tantalised. The new book, The Street Food Journal an A-Z, illustrated by Sophia Augusta would have been the ideal solution.

Publish in August by Laurence King in partnership with Magma it is a unique, illustrated journal, ideal for use as a travelling notebook or sketchpad to record your culinary highlights.

Food lovers and travel enthusiasts will love exploring street food from all around the world through Sophia Augusta’s vibrant illustrations. There is something for everyone, from the instantly recognisable like Italian ice cream, American hot dogs and Belgian waffles to more unusual delicacies such as starfish on sticks from China and ‘red red’ stew from Ghana.

There are 128 blank pages and the 26 illustrations by Sophia are accompanied by helpful notes on what you are eating and the origins of the dish. This is the ideal book for the dedicated foodie or adventurous traveller.

Available on Amazon and in good bookshops with an RRP of £9.95