Berry Bros. & Rudd reveals line-up for new season of events

Exciting Autumn and Winter wine and food experiences planned

Berry Bros. & Rudd has released its new calendar of events for Autumn & Winter 2014. The coming season is packed with a wider range of tastings, dinners and courses than ever before. Whether you are looking for an entry point to the world of wine, wish to delve deeper into your favourite village in Burgundy, or want to explore the best bottles from Moldova: Britain’s oldest wine and spirits merchant has an event to suit your needs.

Tasting wine at Berry Bros. & Rudd is always a unique experience. Based either in the historical heart at No.3 St James’s Street or at the Hampshire Tasting Rooms, customers are treated to the finest wines served with an unsurpassed level of expertise. If you are just learning to appreciate wine, or are thirsty to explore previous vintages from your favourite château, one of the eight Masters of Wine, Berry Bros. & Rudd’s regional experts or the producer themselves will be on hand to guide you on your vinous journey.

This season Berry Bros. & Rudd is launching a new the Lunch & Learn series: disappear into the cellars for an hour or two to sample six wines over a superb lunch prepared by Head Chef, Stewart Turner, and his brigade of chefs.

With Christmas on the horizon, Berry Bros. & Rudd has a multitude of events focussing on different wines and spirits for customers to drink during the festive season: from classic Claret, Burgundy and Port, to the best bottles from Alsace, and a Caribbean Christmas with rum cocktails.

For more detailed information, or to book event tickets, call Berry Bros. & Rudd on 0800 280 2440 or go to

About Berry Bros. & Rudd

With two Royal Warrants, 300 years of history and eight Masters of Wine, Berry Bros. & Rudd is Britain’s original wine and spirit merchant.

Services including a Wine Club, Cellar Plan, Tutored Tastings, Private Wine Events and a Wine School, we provide the closest link between those who make the wine and those who drink it.

They offer a selection of over 4,000 bottles to wine and spirit-lovers in the UK, Hong Kong and Japan through our stores, warehouses and outlets, and to people across the world through our award-winning website.

While they embrace progress, they also value our traditions. They are still run by members of the Berry and Rudd families and continue to supply the British Royal Family, as we have done since the reign of King George III.

Most importantly, they still believe that everything you should look for in a wine or spirit comes down to one simple question: ‘Is it good to drink?’