Villa Sirena – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New flavoured oils and dressings

The popular Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Punta Licosa, is now available with various infusions, under the brand name Villa Sirena. The key to this oil being so much better than many other flavoured oils is that the extra virgin olive oil used is of very high quality. Single Estate and with no additives, the oils also make a perfect present through-out the year but especially for Christmas. For both men and women who love to cook and want something special which cannot be found in your local supermarket, Punta Licosa and Villa Sirena are the answer to accompany any special occasion.

Lemon and Thyme
This versatile oil is ideal to use with roasts, as a dip, with chicken, fish (especially salmon and sea bass) pork or as a marinade £9.99 RRP
Tarragon and garlic
This infused oil with tarragon & garlic is ideal for soups, on roasted vegetables. We also recommend it with grilled meats, salmon, or in a mayonnaise. £9.99

Hot chilli and garlic
This versatile extra virgin oil with chilli & garlic is ideal for soups, pasta, meat and vegetables. Dipping with bread, drizzled on pizza, or to spice up a stir fry. This oil is also an instant pasta sauce. Aglio, olio and pepperoncino is one of Italy’s favourite pasta sauces. Simply heat up some of the contents of the bottle, cook the pasta and pour on top. Add some freshly cut parsley and bobs your uncle! £9.99

Salad dressing
Sweet balsamic and extra virgin oil is not only good for salad dressings but also perfect to pour into a small bowl and dip fresh bread into it. £10.95

The Siren Leucosia on each bottle of Punta Licosa and Villa Sirena charms us now, just as she charmed Odysseus. The Leccino and Frantoio olives, from the soul of Italy, are harvested by hand and cold processed within 24 hours of picking. The unfiltered oil is a golden yellow with memories of the Cilento sun, bearing a delicate, soft and well-rounded aroma.

This versatile olive oil with its unique flavour is delicious for all dishes. Our premium Extra Virgin Single Estate oil brings out the natural best in fish, meat, soups, salads, risotto and pasta. Endorsed by top British chefs, Punta Licosa is the choice of leading restaurants in England and Italy, and is widely renowned for its quality, flavor and versatility.

Punta Licosa oil is now available in all the Harvey Nichols food halls around the UK.