Style begins at 55

Women over 55 are twice as confident as women in their twenties when it comes to dressing for a special occasion

As the clock gets set to strike ‘summer’,  research by Jacques Vert Group,  reveals 55 to be the optimum age a woman starts to dress with confidence, with 85 per cent of British women over 55 declaring they would feel confident to dress for a special summer occasion – twice as self-assured than a woman half her age.

To celebrate the launch of All Dressed Up, a multi-channel campaign aimed at helping women style themselves for the social season, Jacques Vert Group commissioned a survey with over 1,000 participants. Ages of respondents ranged from 18 to over 55 and uncovered some interesting results:

  • 25 per cent of respondents admitted to attending an event for a free meal, while almost half went to ‘people watch’ and one in ten to be seen and upload photos to social media
  • Nearly a third of women start preparing for a special occasion up to a week before the event itself
  • A quarter of women  would never dream of being seen in the same outfit twice
  • Our fascination with fascinators is challenging the traditional hat as head wear of choice for over a third of women
  • Women in their twenties are 30 times more likely to be influenced by celebrities compared to women over 55 when it comes to deciding what to wear for key summer events

When it comes to fashion faux pas, the survey revealed that women over 55 are twice as concerned over being classed as ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’, laddering their tights and wearing too tight a dress than younger women. Fake tan was voted number one style slip up, with 80 per cent of participants voting a streaky tan to be the biggest beauty blunder at summer soirees.

Regionally, the survey revealed the following:

  • Scottish women are the quickest to get ready for a summer party, admitting to be all dressed up and on their way in less than 40 minutes, compared to those in Northern Ireland who take twice as long.
  • When it comes to getting all dressed up, half of Londoners prefer the preparation involved in getting themselves all dolled up for a summer event over the event itself.
  • Cambridge and the East of England are the biggest party revellers, with 71 per cent of participants preferring the party itself over preparation.

To help customers dress for the social season, as part of its All Dressed Up campaign, Jacques Vert Group will be launching in store and online style advice on March 31st to help women feel elegantly dressed, event appropriate and comfortable at special occasions this summer.

Amanda Lester, Brand Director for Jacques Vert Group, said: “It takes time to find an outfit you’re happy with and that suits you, so presentation is key as is advice from friends and stylists – that way you can avoid fashion faux pas.

There’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong thing, or not feeling comfortable at special summer occasions. We know our customers love planning ahead for the social season, and All Dressed Up has been created to help everyone get through the summer in elegant British style. From Ascot to Henley, to weddings and summer parties, each event of the summer has its own etiquette, unspoken rules and our new campaign will help everyone create a look which will not only give women confidence in knowing what to wear, but also make them look and feel fabulous, regardless of what the summer weather throws at them.

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