See the world on a shoestring with HouseSit

Stay in a variety of luxurious locations by becoming a housesitter

Whether you’re travelling the world or looking for a change of pace somewhere new, travel can be expensive. After flights, accommodation can take up a large part of your budget.

But there is a way that you can save on those hotel bills. A new resource,, helps house sitters find homes to look after while they stay rent-free.  Not only can sitters discover new destinations while enjoying plenty of home comforts, HouseSit Match offers legally approved contracts, so both house sitter and owners know what to expect. Whether you’re a dab hand at gardening, love to take care of animals and pets or are simply happy to keep a home ticking over, there are home owners looking for your skills.

Created by keen traveller Lamia Walker, HouseSit Match is the perfect way to see new places and live like a local.

I have fabulous memories of house sitting in Paris and am about to return,’ she says. ‘It was a really fun visit, enlightening and easy on the pocket because of our stint as house sitters. We didn’t have to pay for any accommodation, despite staying in the centre of one of the most expensive capitals in the world. Plus we could run around Paris being tourists in the quiet of August when many residents go on holiday.’

Searching for a house sitting opportunity is simple as the network is available online 24/7.  There are several levels of service to choose from ranging in cost from £35 per year.  Once you’ve found home owners looking for someone like you, you can get to know them by communicating through the website before you commit – the site functions just like a social networking website but without visible contact details. References and police checks are preferable for most home owners but not mandatory.

Lamia Walker has the following tips for house sitters:

Maximise your profile.
Use photos of yourself, your living environment and your pets. Be as specific as possible about your experience and requirements when you’re describing yourself. Even if you have never house-sat before, your profile should at least describe your aptitude for house-sitting and the reasons why you would make a good sitter.

Consider what you might like to know about someone to who you were going to hand over the keys to your home.
Tell them what sort of hours you keep, if you work from home (an added security bonus), if you have experience of looking after pets, gardens or pools, even if it’s in the past and give them a feel for your values and standards.

Address all the owner’s criteria
Don’t gloss over things and hope your marvellous personality will shine through. And remember, before you meet you are still strangers. You have to instil confidence in the owner, build trust and establish a rapport with them.

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