Live young and prosper!

Commuters today put a spring back in their morning routine with the evian ‘Live young’ bounce

  • 1 in 10 commuters want to cry by the time they get to their desk
  • 1 in 6 arrive at work so deflated they want to go straight back to bed
  • Half of Brits admit they never try to change their morning commute
  • evian invites Londoners to ‘Live young’ and bounce their way to work today

Citing inevitable delays, inability to get a seat (despite having shelled out thousands) and a face full of someone’s BO – one in ten commuters (9 per cent) say their morning journey is so stressful and miserable, they want to cry by the time they arrive at their desk. Almost a fifth (16 per cent) of Brits arrive at work so deflated they want to go straight back to bed, they hate their commute that much.

The research was carried out by evian, who quizzed 2,000 commuters about their daily journey to work.  In an effort to reinvigorate Britain, evian is inviting commuters to Live young this January and try something new to feel more positive.  Pictured here are commuters taking part in the evian Live young bounce at Potters Fields Park this morning, designed to put a spring back in their step on the way to work.

The majority of workers feel they could achieve much more at work if they arrived feeling fresher, and yet virtually half of commuters (48 per cent) admit to never actually making any changes to their route or doing anything to improve their experience.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Chartered Counselling and Health Psychologist, advises weary workers to try to make small changes to improve their routine: “A stressful daily commute can really impact on your overall sense of wellbeing by the time you get to work. However, changing your routine by trying a new route or different mode of transport could give you a real boost.  I would strongly recommend anyone suffering from the January blues to adopt a Live young attitude – try something new, and get a fresh perspective on life.”

Commuters estimate they do eight days less work a year on average because their daily journey sees them arrive so tired and unhappy, the evian study reveals.  The typical commuter feels they manage to do almost 18 minutes less work every day – adding up to over 69 hours over the course of a year.  Based on an average working day of eight hours, employees are therefore wasting eight whole days at work thanks to their morning commute.

A staggering 68 per cent of Brits insist they would be more productive if their trek to work was less mind-numbing.  An overwhelming nine in ten commuters (88 per cent) feel they would achieve an extra 30 minutes work a day if their journey was enjoyable.  This adds up to an extra ten hours a month – resulting in a potential 14 days extra work a year.  Just something as simple as a delay-free journey (42 per cent), hearing a favourite song (31 per cent) or receiving a smile from a stranger (27 per cent) can cheer up a commuter’s journey no end, the survey found.

Alex Valk from Evian says: “January can feel desperately uninspiring after all the fun of Christmas and New Year.  As part of the ‘Live young’ campaign, we are encouraging commuters to step outside their regular routine, try something new and inject some ‘Live young’ attitude into the working day.”

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