The Scandinavia Show Review
Tobacco Dock London 12th-13th October

Peter Morrell goes along to soak up the Scandinavian atmosphere at this year’s show

Reindeer outside the Scandinavia Show

The Scandinavia Show is the only UK show dedicated to showcasing the best of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The show incorporates Scandinavian design, travel, lifestyle, fashion, culture and food.

I went along recently to take a look and to find out more about what was on offer. Arriving at Tobacco Dock the first clue that this is all about Scandinavia are the two reindeers outside attracting a lot of attention from the crowds.

Inside it is easy to see why Tobacco Dock is the ideal venue for a show like this. Individual glass walls rooms play host to a whole range of companies selling furniture, clothes and household goods. And, as with everything Scandinavian, the keyword is style. Cool colours, sleek minimalist designs and effortless sophistication were very much in evidence.

Dotted between these mini-showrooms are a whole range of other lifestyle exhibits. Strong in the line-up are stalls and larger counters selling some delicious food and drinks, so if you haven’t heard of New Nordic cuisine this was your time to give it a try.

Grouped together towards the back of the hall are the representatives of the Scandinavian countries tourism offices, and a number of tour operators offering some very interesting trips. This winter is the last year of the current solar cycle, so one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights, the Northern Lights will be at their best and there were plenty of packages available for you to see this unique phenomenon.

Fancy staying in an ice hotel at the Northern Cape in Norway and getting there by sailing up the coast on the daily Hurtigruten mail ship, another lifetime experience for you to enjoy. I have been to Scandinavia on several occasions by ferry, cruise ship and aircraft and whichever country I visited, the air was clean, the scenery stunning and the people very friendly.

To keep visitors entertained at the show there was a programme of presentations including a live battle by Vikings, who this year celebrate their 1000th anniversary.

Although the Scandinavia Show is now over it is an annual event, so be sure to make a date with it next year. If you are interested in hearing more about the Scandinavian lifestyle then the show’s organisers publish Scan, a monthly magazine with trends and news covering lifestyle, furnishings and travel.

For more information go to, where you can read both current and past editions of the magazine online.