Confessions of a First Timer Faker

Patricia Cleveland-Peck tries the One Hour Tan

No, until recently I had never thought of trying it. I don’t like sunbathing and when I go for a swim, it is a quick dip-and-then-get-dressed sort of affair. This year though there has been sufficient sunshine for me, in the garden at least, to put on a pair of shorts. In doing so however, I was dazzled by the ghastly whiteness of my legs…

Help was at hand.  I took the plunge and armed with a new fake tan product Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan, the brain child of Irish beauty guru Marissa Carter, I decided to have a go. 

I was nervous, I thought it would be a fiddly process and I could easily end up the colour of an orange.   I was aware – and my daughter, no fake tan virgin herself emphasised this – that preparation is important, so I duly equipped myself with a buffing glove and the night before I did a fairly thorough exfoliation job. This I followed with a liberal application of moisturiser. The instructions had stipulated an ‘oil-free moisturiser’ but after lengthy consultations with both the beauty and pharmacy counters of a well known store, it was concluded that no such thing existed. (I have since found out that the Cocoabrown company are bringing out their own oil free moisturiser next month) I however had to manage with one which seemed fairly oil free to  me.

The next morning I put on the mitten and began to apply the mousse. It smelled good and, with the help of my husband on the bits I couldn’t reach, it seemed to glide on smoothly.

It is advertised as One Hour Tan and sure enough within a very short time I noticed my skin colour changing and by the end of the hour I was delighted with its lovely golden tone. It was much better than I had anticipated, quite understated simply making  me look more healthy and glowing.

Of course there were a few blips – a couple of marks on my feet where I hadn’t smoothed in the dollops of mousse sufficiently and a stripe down the back of the leg I hadn’t reached properly – all proving that it is important to prepare well and to take time with the application.   One minor suggestion is that an instruction sheet is supplied with the product instructions are printed on the canister but something separate would be helpful.

All in all I found it a very good product and I shall continue to use it. I am sure with practise I shall achieve a really glowing golden look – and so keep summer going for a bit longer. 

The Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter I HOUR TAN  is available Nationwide at selected Primark Stores and online at   

RPR £7.99