What do you wear on a Saga cruise?

It’s the Number One question from first-time passengers

More customers contact Saga about what they should pack for a cruise than any question. Smart or casual? Formal or informal? Little black dress or a longer line?

In response, Saga has produced a light-hearted video to offer a few dress tips but demonstrate the choice is really yours! Scroll down to watch the video.

The three-minute ‘What to wear on a Saga cruise’ features friends Karen and Lynette in their cabin thoroughly enjoying themselves while getting ready to spend their first evening on board Saga Sapphire.

As they rifle through their wardrobes the film takes on a black and white silent movie-style frame to fast-forward through the seemingly endless number of changes they make before finally deciding on what to wear.

The fashion-conscious pair opt for light-weight trousers and tops with a scarf and a little jewellery as accessories to set off their comfortable outfits. It was thirsty work so they make for the bar – a smart move for a smart-casual night.

On the next evening, the film speeds up again until Karen decides on a patterned halter-neck dress while Lynette finds a red linen dress and jacket are just the ticket for meeting friend Greg. He joins them for a pre-dinner drink wearing chinos and smart short-sleeved shirt.

Most, but not all, Saga cruises feature a couple of formal nights where it is impossible to overdress. The clamour for glamour sees Greg in a tuxedo and bow-tie, although the video highlights that a dark suit or dinner jacket would also be just fine.

Karen’s sequined shrug over a long dress and Lynette’s fine pashmina setting off her black dress are perfect partners for a sophisticated champagne dinner.

Of course, every cruise varies a little. The weather, destinations and themes all mean there are no hard and fast rules regarding dress code – except one: Wear a big Saga smile and everything else will be plain sailing.