The anti-ageing cleanser that’s an absolute sell-out

 Chris Hurley tries the much sought after cleansing balm from Elemis

As Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm sold out within a day of being launched on QVC Television back in March, we were very keen to find out what all the fuss was about.

And after using it for just a couple of days, I can understand why it was in such demand.

This luxurious balm makes the cleansing routine feel more like a nourishing treatment.  It’s a rich combination of exotic sounding ingredients such as precious starflower, elderberry and optimega™ oils with rose and mimosa waxes, and anti-ageing padina pavonica.  This wonderful mix of natural oils creates a heady aroma and make it a real pleasure to use. 

For daily use, you massage the gel over the face and neck and then moisten fingertips and continue massaging before removing the gel with a warm cleansing cloth that is thoughtfully provided.  This really gets to grips with the grime and leaves the skin feeling super clean, but without any dryness or tightness that you often get after deep cleansing.  The skin feels nourished and after a couple of days the complexion really does look clearer and more radiant.

The best way to use the cleanser, if you have a time, is to massage it into the skin and relax in a hot bath for ten minutes, inhaling the wonderful scent.  Very therapeutic!

Although there are many cleansers on the market, Elemis Pro-Collagen really is rather special and with its excellent moisturising properties is perfect for more mature skin.

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