Here’s a Fast Way to Grow your Hair

By Chris Hurley

Thinning hair is an emotional issue for many older women and, having undergone extensive chemotherapy treatment, I can vouch for the fact that hair loss is a major blow to the self-esteem.

As someone who had lost every last strand of hair and who looked in the mirror every five minutes to check on the progress of the downy re-growth, it seemed I was the ideal candidate to try a new product from Canada that promised to accelerate hair growth by some 98 per cent. Although my hair was coming back, it was comparable to that of a newborn baby and I felt it could be months before I could face the outside world with my head uncovered.

F.A.S.T  (the acronym for Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) has been created by Nism International, a leading innovator in hair care technology, on the back of 15 years of research and development.  It’s a number one selling hair product in Canada and was launched in the UK earlier this year.

It is claimed that hair will grow up to 2 inches – or double the usual rate – when the F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioning products are used daily for a month. As hair, in fact, only grows at the rate of half an inch a month I didn’t expect that to happen, but even an inch added to my short crop would make a world of difference.

Formulated with a special blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids (all natural and organic), and pleasantly fragranced, all of the active ingredients in F.A.S.T work by feeding the hair with essential proteins and nutrients which the hair needs to grow as fast as possible. The active ingredients work by passing down the hair shaft to the hair follicle where they stimulate growth.

Kind to the scalp, the treatments leave no product build up and may help with minor scalp problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. F.A.S.T does not contain Parabens, Sulfates or Dea which was a great bonus for me as I need to strictly avoid chemicals to protect my sensitive new hair.

In clinical trials in Canada half of those taking part reported an increased rate of hair growth after 42 days and 100 per cent after 84 days. The average increase in the growth rate was 30 per cent with a high of 99 per cent. All those participating saw the rate of growth increase the longer they used the products.

This all sounded too good to be true and I could hardly wait to get started. Every day for a month I used the shampoo and conditioner daily as directed. 

After a couple of days I really could tell the difference in the texture of my fledgling hair.  This wasn’t the sparse, wispy re-growth I was accustomed to; it was coming back more positively and thicker.  At the end of a fortnight, I felt I had regained a proper head of hair. It was still short – but dense enough to cover my scalp completely and I no longer felt looked like a chemotherapy patient.  By the end of the month my hair probably hadn’t grown as much as the predicted inch but it was long enough to dry with the hair dryer and I was happy to go out sporting a decent hairstyle.

That was three months ago and I have continued using F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner as I feel it has done so much to enhance the condition of my new hair.

The manufacturers are keen to point out that F.A.S.T is not a hair replacement therapy but helps existing hair to grow longer and healthier.  A brilliant solution to the bad hair cut that you are desperate to grow out and a great natural product to give it more body and to improve texture and condition.  It’s also safe to use on children’s hair. 

F.A.S.T.  Shampoo and Conditioner 2 x 300ml £24.99 is available in Boots stores nationwide and at