Hashi Cookery Courses

Sushi & Sashimi Class

Reiko Hashimoto is a highly experienced chef who specialises in giving a range of courses in Japanese cooking. Her recent highly acclaimed book, Hashi, demystifies the culinary art of Japanese cooking and makes it accessible to amateur cooks at all skill levels. Here is an example of Reiko’s Sushi and Sashimi course.

What is included:
  • Sit down Sushi & Sashimi Lunch with a top quality Sashimi platter in an authentic Japanese table settings with miso soup, sake followed by green tea ice cream
  • All the recipes & ingredients printed & filed
  • A starter kit for sushi include rolling mat, sushi rice, nori seaweeds sheets, vinegar
  • Variety of sushi made in the class to take home
You will learn:
  • Where to shop & what to buy when making Sushi
  • Learn about basic ingredients for Japanese cooking
  • How to cook Sushi rice properly
  • How to prepare sushi fillings for the rolls
  • How to make variety of Sushi : thin rolls, inside-out rolls, nigiri (hand mould), two kind of oshi-zushi (compressed sushi)
  • How to slice and present the Sushi
  • How to prepare raw fish for Sashimi : tuna, yellow tail or sea bream, butter fish, salmon
  • Japanese Tamagoyaki egg omelette
  • How to make miso soup

Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm – Max 7 people

Saturdays – £125

13th July Evening Class (5pm start) Additional Class – One Place Left
20th July – 2 Places Left
27th July

10th August
24th August
7th September
14th September
28th September

Wednesdays – £110

17th July
21st August

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