How to look 15 Years Younger

 Barbara Currie is one of the UK’s leading Yoga experts. She has studied and taught Yoga for over 35 years and, at 70 years old, is still as fit, toned and energetic as she was at 30. A No.1 bestseller with sales in excess of 1 million copies for her DVDs and books, Barbara continues to teach 16 classes of yoga a week from her Surrey School of Yoga.

 Barbara has just released an ebook called Look 15 Years Younger which is a guide to how yoga can prolong youth and beauty. With her easy-to-follow sequences, she shows that it is possible to beat the signs of ageing and regain the energy and radiance of youth in a safe and healthy way. The guide covers a whole range of topics including: weight and shape: hair and skin, flexibility, posture: pain free back, neck and joints; achieving sharper memory and eyesight and strong healthy bones.

Looking decades younger and with a figure that women half her age would envy Barbara is certainly an inspiration. Here are her top ten tips for looking and feeling younger:

1. Start every day with 15 minutes yoga

2. Eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, chicken, fish and a little cheese, natural organic yoghurt, olive oil, drink water and cut out all your junk foods.

3. Correct your posture – good posture instantly makes you look years younger.

4. Sleep well – your body repairs itself during sleep.

5. Calm and cool stress with 10 slow deep breaths exhaling slowly after each one – stress is ageing.

6. Count your blessings – an attitude of gratitude is beautiful.

7. Laugh often – it does you and your body a world of good, it is a very effective stress buster.

8. If you want to lose weight eat less, keep busy, keep out of the kitchen, eat slowly, never between meals and never eat standing up.

9. A daily walk in the fresh air does wonders and will give you a glow.

10. Put your feet up, be good to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back or a little present as soon as you achieve a goal – you really are worth it.

 Look 15 Years Younger by Barbara Currie is published by Harpercollins and available as an eBook from April price £7.99.