Ateronon Case Study – Keeping your heart healthy

Paul Roberts
Aged 60 from Liverpool
Family history of Angina, suffered from a major heart attack in 1999

Paul’s Story…

Paul, aged 60 from Liverpool has been battling with coronary heart disease for the past 13 years following a major heart attack in June 1999, but in the past three years has seen a marked improvement in his cardiovascular health through a combination treatment of Pravastatin and natural supplement, Ateronon.
Prior to his heart attack, Paul led an active and healthy lifestyle, especially as his job as a double glazing fitter required him to do manual work and heavy lifting, meaning he had to maintain a good level of fitness.
He had no concerns over his cardiovascular health until a routine health check by BUPA in January 1999 revealed he had very high cholesterol, even though he had no symptoms.
Worried that Paul was at risk of coronary heart disease, doctors advised him to take action to reduce his cholesterol which measured 6.7 on the cholesterol scale.
With a long family history of heart disease, Paul’s efforts to improve his condition through the implementation of a healthier lifestyle were not enough, and just five months later, aged 47, he suffered a major heart attack which resulted in him needing to have a stent fitted.
Following his heart attack, Paul also developed Angina and was prescribed statins as a treatment to reduce his cholesterol and improve the cardiovascular conditions. 
After 13 years of taking statins Paul’s cholesterol count has been reduced from 6.7 to 3.9 marking a vast improvement, however concerned about the risk of a second heart attack and wanting to prolong his life, Paul sought further ways to help reduce his cholesterol further.
After watching a doctor on TV talk about the new ‘tomato pill’, Ateronon, during its launch in 2009, and following further research into it himself, Paul decided that it was the right product for him to try.
Paul has now been taking Ateronon, since its launch, alongside Pravastatin every day for the last three years and his cholesterol count has reduced even further to 3.2. The results show a cholesterol reduction of almost 1.00 in just three years, as opposed to a cholesterol reduction of just 2.8 in the ten years of taking statins alone.
Thrilled with the results that he gained from taking Ateronon, Paul said: “I am so happy with my latest cholesterol count, knowing that I am reducing my risks of further cardiovascular problems and prolonging my life is an overwhelming relief.
“My father also suffered from heart disease and suffered a heart attack at the same age that I was, sadly his attack proved fatal, this makes me even more determined to fight back.
“As well as the clinical improvements I also feel so much healthier in general and think Ateronon has actually improved my symptoms of Angina which used to cause significant pain.” 
Ateronon is available to buy online from and is priced at £29.99 for one box of 30 capsules. It is also available to buy in Boots stores and independent pharmacies across the UK.  Ateronon is also on Twitter at and Facebook for news updates and special offers.
Regular intake of Ateronon helps to inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, whilst reducing the risk of plaque build-up in arteries. Ateronon can be taken as a preventative or reactive measure for those concerned about their heart health and can be taken alongside prescription medicine.