Wabi hits the London culinary scene

Peter Morrell reports on a new restaurant that is an evolutional step up for the capital’s cuisine.

Wabi, a brand new restaurant, is opening today (29th November) in Holborn which is set to redefine the pleasure of eating out in the capital. Started by former Nobu head chef Scott Hallsworth the restaurant has for the last few years been a critically acclaimed and extremely popular fixture on the Horsham restaurant scene.

With the launch of this flagship venue on Kingsway, the capital has its chance to see what all the superlatives have been about – luxurious and elegant décor and, above all, innovative Japanese cuisine courtesy of Hallsworth, a culinary trailblazer renowned for pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.

I have already been for a sneak preview of the food on offer and it is an innovation Layers of umami, that elusive fifth food sensation, tantalise the taste buds with unique flavours. Wabi’s signature fare includes foie gras martini with umeshu jelly, nashi & black vinegar and chilled somen noodles with shitake soup, wasabi, ginger and crunchies. This second dish you mix yourself to create a firework display of taste sensations in the mouth.

There are cocktails with a distinctly Japanese twist and for the less hungry a sushi bar overseen by fellow Nobu London graduate Taiji Maruyama.

When I went there in October it was still a building site, since then it’s emerged from its metamorphosis as a dazzling white swan. The décor of the bar, restaurant and sushi areas are all stunning.

I predict a bright fusion future for this welcome addition to culinary London

Wabi London
36-38 Kingsway