Making authentic Italian coffee at home

Chris Hurley reviews the AEG Lavazza Moda Favola Coffee Machine

The arrival of coffee shops on our high streets has made the luxury of a frothy cappuccino or latte part of my daily routine.  But it has come at a price – and not just a monetary one.  Nipping out for my daily fix of Italian coffee is a costly habit that also eats into my time.  On the basis of my calculation that one latte a day was mounting up to nearly a £1000 a year, a coffee machine seemed like a very sound investment. 

I have been trying out the AEG Lavazza Modo Favola for the past month and, although I am certainly no barrista, even I can now impress friends that drop by with an espresso, macchiato or cappuccino.  And it involves none of the mess or bother of grinding up and percolating coffee beans. 

The Modo Favola is a good looking and very compact machine that sits neatly on the work surface without taking up too much space.  It comes in six very stylish colour combinations and although its smooth lines would complement any contemporary décor it also fits well in my farmhouse style kitchen.

It is easy to set up – although I have to say that the instructions are not the easiest to follow.  It comes with a pack of all the coffee capsules in the range.  There are eight selected coffee blends, from the mild Caffé Crema Lungo to the full flavoured and rich Intensamente.   As I tend to be something of an insomniac I mainly go for the decaffeinated version that still has all the bite and aroma of a real Italian coffee. 

Operating the Lavazza couldn’t be simpler.  To make the espresso you simply fill the tank with water and insert a coffee capsule into the top of the machine and then press a button.  You can programme the amount of liquid you want in the cup so that it literally is available at the touch of a button.  There’s a wand for steaming the milk that conjures up a very professional head of froth. 

When the coffee is made, the empty capsule falls into a drawer that has quite a large capacity so doesn’t need emptying too often.  In a matter of minutes it’s all done and the kitchen is filled with the wonderful aroma of real Italian coffee. Getting the texture of the foam absolutely right takes a bit of practice but I am getting there and can produce beverages that look and taste quite professional.  

The Lavazza Modo Favola is really simple and quick to use, easy to keep clean and is certainly proving to be a very sound investment.  There is just one problem – with such wonderful coffee on tap, how do I keep it to just one cup a day?

 A Modo Mio Favola (£149) and A Modo Mio Favola Plus (£179) are available at and in selected department stores.  For more information go to