Get a taste of Denmark – in London

Find out why the Danes have led the new Nordic Cuisine revolution

IMAGINATION – Discover the Danish Spirit is a three-week showcase celebrating the best of Danish culture, lifestyle, food and drink and VisitDenmark is welcoming you all to discover what Denmark has to offer 27 July – 12 August at St. Katharine Docks in the heart of London.

Kicking off the event are three food themed days to show off why Denmark is home to the world’s best restaurant for the 3rd year in a row and had the world’s best chef in 2011. Nordic cuisine is spreading like rings in the water and Denmark is the gastronomic epicentre of this movement. Now, you can have a taste of Denmark yourself and discover why food is an important part of the Danish spirit. For these 3 days only, there will be some of the best of what Denmark has to offer – and yes, there will be tastings.

Come and try!
Food Organisation of Denmark promotes and assists the development of Danish and Nordic food and gastronomy, and they are bringing 9 chefs from Danish top restaurant like the Michelin awarded Restaurant Geranium. These top chefs will whet your appetite and show you how to make the best sausages from Copenhagen’s meat packing district, Danish smørrebrød (open sandwiches) and other delightful samples from the Nordic kitchen. But prepare to be involved as you will get a chance to cook with these inspiring chefs and make the dishes yourself.

The Danes and the Brits have a lot in common when it comes to great food. Both countries host some of the front runners of what may be called a true culinary revolution sweeping through most of the gourmet world these years. We see the Olympics and the events in London as a fabulous opportunity to go to London and make some really good food for all the visitors at IMAGINATION.”
- Pelle Øby Andersen, Director of Food Organisation of Denmark

Play with food
Gastronomisk Undergrund, a group of young and playful chefs, will turn the stage into their own little gastronomic playground and do cooking shows 2 times a day throughout the 3 days. The theme of the culinary theatre will be a sustainable “Don’t Waste”, and the talented chefs will let their imagination run riot and experiment with creative dishes made from rare ingredients such as duck tongue and pig tails. The audience will be introduced to new inspiring flavours, learn new techniques from some of the best chefs in Denmark and get a taste of what happens, when you let kids play with knives!

Bring in the bacon
Britons love Danish bacon, and this year the Danish meat producer, Danish Crown celebrates their 125th year of exporting to Great Britain. They will bring free tasters of the traditional “stegt flæsk” (fried pork) and roll in a sausage wagon where you can taste the famous Danish hot dog, loved by all Danes. Danish Crown is coming to London in style, as they will sail their way to St. Katharine Docks on the impressive schooner, Maja. St. Katharine Docks will be buzzing with flavours and luscious smells, and you will get plenty of opportunities to meet the passionate people behind the pots and pans.

Søbogaard provides some liquid summer with their organic juices and lemonades. Zelected Foods Spice things up with their variety of healthy and pure products.

Hr Skov brings its gourmand universe from the rural and windy west coast of Jutland

Serenity Cupcakes will pour some sugar into your life, while Danish Food Direct will guide you to where Danish herring and other Danish food can be bought in the UK.   

More to come
IMAGINATION is not a come and look event. This is a fun and interactive event, where you will try out new things and discover the Danish Spirit. From 4-5 August IMAGINATION gives visitors true inspiration and visions of what a holiday in Denmark can offer in terms of historic towns, beautiful countryside and long sandy beaches. From 6-8 August the blood thirsty Danish Vikings will return and bring their Viking ship and lots of Viking wisdom. From 9-12 August it is all about design and fashion with anything from cool jewellery to classic furniture.

They say that the Danes are the happiest people in the world, so come along and join us and find out why!  

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The coming of the Olympics is a unique chance to show the world the best and the variety of what Denmark can offer anyone thinking of visiting the country as a tourist. IMAGINATION is not a come-and-watch event, instead it will be a place for a fun day out where visitors can engage in the activities, try and buy and have some fun whilst finding out about Denmark, from its Viking past to its green and environmentally friendly nation of today.