Light at the end of the first tunnel

Wednesday 2nd November

 Today I wake up and know I am at last emerging from the drug infused tunnel.  My head is clear, I am wide-awake and nothing hurts.  I don’t feel sick and I actually enjoy my early morning cuppa.  What a relief.  It’s a miracle.  I have got my life back.  OK, I still don’t fancy starting the day with a bowl of porridge but I am not sniffing the air for strange smells and the metallic taste that has been invading my palate has all but disappeared.

All day I attack the world with renewed enthusiasm. I reply to emails, I clean the house, I visit my granddaughter, I have energy and I literally could jump for joy. I feel like a new woman and I am seeing the world with quite different eyes.  

It is so true that you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.  A few days ago it felt like someone had stolen my health, my energy and my taste buds.  Now I have got it all back and I am going to enjoy every precious minute of it. There are still ten more symptom free days before chemo to enjoy – sheer bliss!  And now that I know I can fully recover from treatment I know I can cope with round two. 

I have heard it said that a life-threatening illness teaches you what is really important and what you really value in my life.  I certainly wouldn’t have chosen cancer but it getting this chance to sort out my priorities will hopefully lead to a better-lived life.